Willie’s a two story daiquiri

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Despite the fact that Somers Point’s restaurant week starts Friday, Nov. 4, and runs through Sunday, Nov. 13, the pre restaurant week events have already begun, with the “Whet your Appetite” event, hosted by the Somers Point Art Commission, featuring dinner and a movie that took place on Oct.

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Just because oil production is a major industry in Alaska and the state has the lowest taxes per gallon of gas, that does not mean filling up the tank is cheap. And is only one of two states to crack $4 a gallon for regular. The state has the second highest cost of living after Hawaii, certainly supported by the high gas price.

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I strolled north, past my new next door neighbor, Wet Willie’s a two story daiquiri bar with a lively afternoon trade. The next block started with the News Cafe, which had dozens of outdoor tables filled with lunchtime customers. News Cafe has been a favorite South Beach hangout for several years, serving solid American food in a large dining room and on a spacious terrace..

Finally, beware of commercially available mold related products. Mold test kits, though widely available, are of dubious value for the homeowner. Likewise, fungicides such as mold sprays and mold cheap jerseys killing paint are a poor strategy for controlling or preventing a mold problem.

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