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The new Phenom II does exactly what AMD needs it to do to compete and win through the midrange.The first Phenom II processors, the 940 and 920, feature a DDR2 only controller and an un core bus speed of 1.8GHz. These two models will be phased out over time. Bostnurmostdrovil The rest of the Phenom II line is designed for socket AM3 or AM2+ and feature a dual mode DDR3/DDR2 memory controller.

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wholesale jerseys from china He is 22 months older than me, and even though I didn know him then, I always felt like I had, and had always admired him, and his presence in my life had been as significant as anybody I ever known. I had never been a great cyclist but had always considered cycling to be one of the centers of my life, and there is no doubt that when I bought my first fancy road bike in early August 1986, when I changed from that person who tooled around on a bike for no reason to a person who dreamed of riding too far and too hard, I did so because Greg LeMond had won the Tour de France the month before. I remember at the time seeing the pictures of Greg in the newspaper and in Sports Illustrated, that grinning, almost astonished look he had on his face wholesale jerseys from china.

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