Rosenbauer and Elijah

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Rosenbauer and Elijah, now 10 (and a half, he reminded his mom) recently rode Horsetooth Mountain, a popular trail system west of their home in Fort Collins, Colorado. “It’s got a 2,000 foot climb and, with a granny gear, Elijah just went right up it,” she says. At the top, the reward was a ripping singletrack descent.

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Visitors must have a Hampton Parks and Recreation ID card. The ID card, which costs $20 a year for adults or $15 a year for youth, can be purchased at any city community center. 201 Lincoln St., Hampton. The important key to remember is that we are not in imminent threat of ‘running out of oil’. There is plenty of oil still in the ground. However, we aren’t going to be getting it out as fast, yet the demand for oil will only continue to increase.

Views were wonderful. Reynolds Hill towers like a cathedral of huge stone, painted in browns and oranges. Other rock formations surround. Customer Bill Festa is grateful they brought Vietnamese cuisine to the surrounding area. Since he works close by, he stops in “all the time,” at least twice a week, he says. As soon as he enters the dining area, he’s asked, “Do you want the regular?” And he invariably does spring rolls and a vermicelli bowl..

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