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Some of the most congested municipalities are taking steps to get traffic moving, the report says. Los Angeles voters approved Measure M in November, a sweeping $120 billion plan aimed at updating transit infrastructure ranging from bike lanes to highways. San Francisco Smart I 80 corridor, which opened in September could be helping to keep traffic from worsening.

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Just around the corner are 11 states with primaries. It’s Super Tuesday, which this year falls on March 1. Ted Cruz enters these primaries wounded by his loss in South Carolina, where the large evangelical vote was supposed to be his firewall. Second tip, you may not realize it but we are not in Boston or St. Louis and thus most games do not sell outso tickets are always available outside the stadium if you are smart and patient, and usually at around half price if you can follow one simple trick: wait until the first pitch is thrown before taking to scalpers. As you know there are always several groups of scalpers hovering around the outskirts of the Safe looking to hustle some easy cash.

The bitter cold Cheap NBA Jerseys is causing homeowners to burn through heating oil this winter. A program, aimed at helping people pay those bills, got a big donation in the nick The National Grid Foundation presented a $70,000 check to the Catholic Diocese of Providence.The money helps run the the Heat on campaign. It gives aid to those who have exhausted all other public and private forms of assistance.

Milic Drakulovic sold the building two years ago and now holds the first mortgage on it. I worry, said Drakulovic, who interrupted his morning golf game in Chatham when he heard on the radio that the building had had a second fire. If the current owner can fix it up and look after it, the responsibility falls to Drakulovic, and that worries him a little, he said.

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